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Working with Freesphere Entertainment on their first title 'Tether' as audio lead. This involved creation and implementation of sound assets, overseeing voiceover sessions as well as working with the teams composer. 

Unfortunately due to financial difficulties the studio had to put a hold to the development of Tether. I was part of the team for the development and completion of 2 prototypes.


1477165340_preview_Tether 512.png

'In 2068, the crew of the UEF Sonne left their homes and embarked for Mars on a mission to save Earth from ecological collapse. The mission failed, culminating in a disaster that warped the very fabric of space and time.

Now, trapped aboard the nightmarish vessel and pursued by a malevolent presence, physicist Lesleigh Hayes grapples with the guilt of leaving her family as she fights to salvage mankind’s hope for a future. Her quest for redemption will take her deep within her own past to confront the choices she made, as a scientist and as a mother.'

Sound Design Extras

Dialogue Design

Celion vs Lesleigh - Truth - Dialogue Sound Design
Celion vs Lesleigh - Promised - Dialogue Sound Design
Celion Monologue - Dialogue Sound Design

Excerpts of antagonist 'Celion's' dialogue from the second Tether prototype. Designed to create a vast, overwhelming presence.

Creature Sound Design

Monster Vocalisations - Creature Sound Design

Creature vocalisations. With a brief to create a sense of electricity and surging energy, bone cracking screeches and cries were created to bring the monster to life.

Persistent Radio Station

UEF RADIO - ALL REX BUMPERS - Over the top Sound Design
UEF Radio - Rex Lanigan - Just the talking

'UEF' radio, a 20 minute radio show featuring custom over the top bumpers, phone-ins as well as music from independent bands and artists. The radio show plays persistently throughout the level.

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