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Virtual Reality Research Environment

For this commission I was set the task of shaping the entire sonic world of this Virtual Reality space station. From sound design to music composition as well as all implementation within Unreal Engine 4.

The Resulting IT Virtual Research facility is a virtual reality game created to gather data at the 2018 UKISUG Connect conference. The game essentially acts as an interactive questionnaire where instead of filling out some boxes on a form, you are immersed in a virtual space station which you can explore and interact with.

As the Client put it...

'Essentially in our VR world you’re filling out a questionnaire. But our questionnaire isn’t on some boring pad and paper waiting to be filled in, it’s in a Virtual Reality game in which you get to play in. I can confidently assume that a lot of people who attend the SAP UKISUG Connect event will remember us more vividly than most other stands, simply because they had a go at VR or they simply watched.'

For a better explanation on the game (and lots of confusing acronyms) see the clients blog posts below. As always like to say, 'I just made the sounds'...

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