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Creative Audio Post-Production for Media.

Sound Design, Music Composition & Mixing.

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Callum Donaldson Audio

With nearing a decade of industry experience as a sound designer, dubbing mixer and composer, I offer comprehensive audio post-production services for projects of any scale. Equipped with the latest technology and an ever-expanding catalogue of custom sound effects and music, it's my mission to deliver exceptional audio for your project.

Full Credit list here.


See below for a bit more info about what I do.

Movie Projector
Movie Projector


Dialogue editing, sound design, sound editing, music composition, Foley and re-recording mixes for short and feature films, animations, drama and all things scripted. 


Documentaries Factual

Tracklay, dialogue editing, sound editing, sound design, voice over recording and mixing. for documentaries, non-scripted, factual entertainment and children's TV for broadcast, streaming and cinema. Remote voice recording also available.


Video Games

Sound design, dialogue recording, dialogue editing, music composition and implementation for video games and interactive experiences.


Digital Media

content creator

Sound design, voice recording, music composition, music sourcing and mixing. for advertising, YouTube videos, digital content and corporate videos.

Let's work together

Whether it's a feature film, documentary, video game, youtube video or anything else, I'm here to work with you and enhance your project through sound. You'll be working directly with me and have my studio, tools and expertise at your disposal.


As a solo freelancer I work with a personal approach, ensuring efficiency, attention to detail and commitment. This enables me to adapt to tighter budgets and timelines and means all my focus is on your project. Reap these benefits and get in touch now.

Music Reel

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